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KapilAuthorify on January 15, 2024
In which zoom API I can get the below value? Busy: 9d9162e7-6cf3-4944-bf63-4dff82258764 Connected: f240bbac-87c9-4f6e-bf70-924b57d47db7 Left live message: a4c4c377-d246-4b32-a13b-75a56a4cd0ff Left voicemail: b2cf5968-551e-4856-9783-52b3da59a7 read more
0 upvote
4 Replies
January 22, 2024 06:00
@Jaycee_Lewis Follow up please
RM1221 on July 07, 2023
Dear Team, I have my own CRM through which Inbound and outbound calling functionalities run through the AGENT CTI. So now I want to enable and integrate my Agent CTI to make calls and update the status of the call in the HUBSPOT for the Leads, C read more
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1 Reply
Key Advisor | Partner
July 07, 2023 10:18
Hey @RM1221 there's currently no api within HubSpot for calling, meaning it's not possible to have a third party system integrate with the HubSpot ...read more
bsharad on June 22, 2023
Hello developers, Good Morning to all, i am integrating Kispcall(cloud telephony system) with hubspot which will facilitate crm along with inbound and outbound calling. My point is, Is there a way to send hubspot user/portal id with call init read more
Community Manager
June 22, 2023 13:54
Hi, @bsharad 👋 Thanks for your question. I'd like to invite some of our community members to the conversation, hey @himanshurauthan @Phil_Val...read more
tzhou2 on April 13, 2023
Hi HubSpot Community team, We're running business of softhone software, and is integrating with HubSpot. I noted that call properties are listed as fixed ones in your api documentation: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/api/crm/calls Can I c read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Accepted Solution
Community Manager
April 13, 2023 12:12
Hi, @tzhou2 👋 Thanks for reaching out. You are not missing any options for Calls. We are limited to customizing call and meeting outcomes — Cre...read more
kumarb1 on April 06, 2023
Hello, I am working on HubSpot Calling SDK , for that I have downloded SDK from GitHub and followed further steps. Now, when I start a call, engagement is getting created from below code, onDialNumber: (data, rawEvent) => { ap read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
April 07, 2023 01:54
Hello, Thank you for the detailed code, but unfortunately, it is not working for me, Please take a look at this error, ...read more
DBhatt888 on November 28, 2022
This endpoint is used to query the event log for events matching specified parameters. GET /email/public/v1/events using API v1, but couldn't find any way to do so via v3. Is there a solution ? After 30 November 2022 It is not working. S read more
Community Manager
November 30, 2022 15:29
Hi, @DBhatt888 👋 If you are referring to the endpoint here — GET /email/public/v1/events , this endpoint is not flagged for depreciation. Using...read more
lisaiarcall on July 27, 2022
Hi Team, We are facing an issue where we are trying to generate the new access token using the refresh token by calling Hubspot API. It working fine mostly and suddently it starts giving the " BAD_REFRESH_TOKEN " error then it will never wo read more
0 upvote
2 Replies
Thought Leader | Elite Partner
August 31, 2022 07:04
Hi @Jaycee_Lewis and @lisaiarcall , Apologies for the delayed response. Is this issue solved or still there? If yes can you plea...read more
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