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ebp on February 03, 2023
Hi, I want to know what is the purpose of an unenrollment by a goal ? By the way, I have a contact based workflow with a goal and a contact enroll. The contact met the goal so it was unenroll. But it is never automatically re-enroll when i read more
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Setmore on February 03, 2023
Although Setmore has subscribed webhooks for Contact - Properties Changed, webhook is not recieved on a contact updation for a specific contact. Portal ID: 23941895 Contact ID:601 Approx. Updation Time: 3rd Feburary 2023 12:00 PM IST
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aparisi on February 03, 2023
Hi, HubSpot community I'm using the HubSpot python library to search contacts by email: filters = [Filter(property_name="email", operator="EQ", value="test@test.com")] filter_group = FilterGroup(filters=filters) request = PublicObjectSearch read more
1 upvote
2 Replies
February 03, 2023 05:31
Hey @Chriso-mwx , thanks for your quick reply. From the snipped I posted, I excluded some details like error handling for the sake of simplicity...read more
February 03, 2023 02:05
Please some one can help ? thanks a lot
SMarburger on February 03, 2023
Hello, i search to generate a link with the meeting of contact with the schduled alredy pre slect on Completed. i don't know how to call the id of the meeting, and how to do to pre selecte completed by the link. I dont know how create an api o read more
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KHaworth on February 02, 2023
Hi, we currently have the integration with Quickbooks set up in Hubspot but we can't seem to identify a property in Hubspot that we can match to Quickbooks that would recognize a transaction type - Credit Memo. We are looking for a way to differenti read more
Guide | Partner
February 02, 2023 12:17
Hey @JTendler You may have a connected app that you don't know about. I would head over to to Settings --> Integrations --> Connecte...read more
EBirdsall on February 02, 2023
Sales Rep entered a quote in the UI in this order: Bananas Carrots Apples Oranges When I pull the Line Items from the API for this Quote It comes back; Carrots Oranges Bananas Apples Any idea why the order would be different?
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2 Replies
February 02, 2023 12:28
We're using the API to send the line items to another software of ours for invoicing. So it just looks a bit unprofessional when the Customer signs a...read more
lepeshinskii on February 02, 2023
Hello! It would seem that the end-point for batch archival/deletion of associations, doesn't care for the label type, e.g. when I have the follwing associations in contact: "associations": { "companies": { "results": [ { read more
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MDidu on February 02, 2023
Good morning, everyone, I am Michela Didu and I am in charge of HubSpot management in a startup that sells AI software. I need some advice. I would like to learn how to better manage integrations with other tools and also with our site. Do you have read more
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1 Reply
February 02, 2023 08:48
Hello Michela, how are you? Unfortunelly the HubSpot doesn't have a course about this subject in the moment, but the documentarion is very usefull...read more
NBouzid on February 02, 2023
Hello everyone, I am starting to work with cards, I was able to have an image displayed but I want this image to be clickable, but i can't find where to add the link . Here is the code in its basic form, where there is just an image : read more
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Community Manager
February 02, 2023 15:14
Hi, @NBouzid 👋 Thanks for reaching out. Hey, @weiliang_lee @Jnix284 do you have any tips for helping @NBouzid accomplishing their goal? ...read more
CDarji on February 02, 2023
Hello, I need help in removing association between contact and companies using API. Contact screen of hubspot with multiple companies association Request for remove association I have one contact and it's association with multiple c read more
0 upvote
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Guide | Partner
February 02, 2023 12:13
Hey @CDarji , I would try using the v3 or v4 Associations API. You may have more success with one of these endpoints. v3 Documentation ...read more
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