Zoom integration: Password does not appear in invitation

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Hello, I've integrated Mac Outlook Calendar and Zoom into HS, using the HS integration tools.  When someone books a meeting via my HS link, the Zoom meeting details do not include the password.  I have passwords on in Zoom.


When I book via Zoom, the password is included in the calendar event.


How do I get the password included in the calendar event when someone books via HS?



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@Robonvashon ,


Good question! I'm not sure there is a solution to this yet. 🤦🏼‍♀️


This just started happening recently as Zoom began making quick software updates amid COVID-19, and password-protected meetings became more prevalent as security became more of an issue. 


In looking through the Meeting Link and integrations settings in HubSpot, nothing stands out to me as a potential solution. Sames goes for reviewing Zoom's settings. 

Gave you an upvote though to try and get this post some more visibility. Perhaps someone else has an answer...also tagging some experts here who may be able to help. 

Best of luck! If I figure anything out, I'll circle back. 

@willsmith @Josh 




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Thank you.  It is a mystery.  A coder friend said, "I bet they didn't code it."  Seems like an easy fix if the right person knew about it.


Seems pretty important too, given the Zoom bomb stuff.


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I completely agree! I was quite surprised seeing this was not available. I'm eagerly following this thread to check the changes that will be made.
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Thanks.  I'm a bit confused that a an answer has not yet been provided.