Zapier: Get associated contact ID from a deal


Hello guys!

Been working quite a lot with Zapier and Hubspot but currently im stuck:


Once a deal is created, I want to get the associated contact ID. With that, I can get the first and lastname values to automate the dealnames. I cannot find any link to the contact of the deal or any other association.


Any ideas? Many thanks!

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Hi @PRasche ,

To get the deals associated with contatcs you can refer to this doc and

Hope this helps!

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Hi @webdew,


many thanks for your reply. I checked your documents and I see that youa re able to get the ID from a deal to contact, with using another API ID. However, I am not aware how to implement this into zapier or, if zapier does not gibe this option to its users. I think the options in zapier are limited because the api requests are given presets where you cannot configurate your own. (Or am I wrong)

For example: I have a specific deal and want to extract all information in zapier, like the associated contact id. Unfortunately there is nothing to be found. There is no specific value id field that would give me that information. The table for CrM Associations API Overview says, Definition ID3 is needed to get the data from hubspot, however I cannot / don't know how to let Zapier pull that information.


For "associat*" values, I can only find the following:Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-30 um 14.06.55.png
















Many thanks!



Hey @webdew !


I just came across an interesting thing. I set up a new Zap, with the trigger "New Deal in Stage in Hubspot"

While testing, it instantly gave me a value "associatedVids" with the associated contact ID. I tried to use that "associatedVids" for the trigger "Find Deal" to give me that value, unfortunately I cannot insert that variable nor is available. It seems, that Zapier does not provide all available information depending on the trigger.


Or is there any other chance to extract that information from zapier?


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