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I've created a workflow extension to enable SMS integration with 3rd party app (Toky).

To parse the data from hubspot properly so that Toky understands it, there is an API endpoint in our app. App is sitting on AWS EC2. Problem I'm facing is that the POST request from hubspot workflow extension never calls the endpoint ( it is not even registered by nginx reverse proxy log).

However when using same API endpoint with "Trigger Webhook" widget you provide in workflows, it works fine and API is called. I've tested it on other environment - firebase hosting - works fine as well. Same locally with ngrok. 


Do you have any clue what could be the reason for that?



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Welcome, @Dev2.


That's strange! I don't have insight off the bat, but I'd like to investigate further.


Could you share the following?

  1. Your integration's app ID (integrationAppId).
  2. The relevant extension's definition ID (id).
  3. A link to a workflow showing failed POST requests from this extension.

Isaac Takushi

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