Workflow contact triggers are delayed sometimes


Hi there

I have created 2 workflows and they were working great - the trigger is simultaneous to the change on the contact.

But one time it took more than 15 mins to trigger the changes - both the workflows. I would like to have the trigger simultaneously. Can anyone help me here?

FYI: the time for the action to execute is: anytime (in settings for both the workflows)

Below you can refer to the picture - the time in the bottom is when the contact got created and the above time was when the mail was sent - configured/triggered from workflows.


Screenshot from 2020-06-23 22-21-02-2.jpg



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Hey @achyuthztpl 


In order to get assistance with this workflow, i'd suggest you contact our Support Team directly. Instructions on how to reach out can be found here. (Scroll down to the Support section)


I hope this helps!

Matthew Willson

HubSpot Developer Support