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Workflow Trigger question

In HubSpot, I need to create a workflow on a custom object named Account, that triggers only when these properties value changes:

  • Customer First Name
  • Customer Middle Name
  • Customer Last Name
  • Customer Company Name
  • Customer Phone Number
  • Customer Fax Number
  • Customer Email Address
  • Text Message Address
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • Address Line 3
  • Address Line 4
  • City
  • State Name
  • ZIP Code
  • Country Name
  • County Name

I am not sure what the right way to do this is.


I appreciate any help.



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Workflow Trigger question

Hi @TKoehn 


Creating a workflow trigger specifically for property value changes within custom objects is not possible. Other possibilities you can consider would be using a combination of triggers and re-enrollment options.

Workflow Setup:

  1. Create a Custom Object Workflow:
    In HubSpot Workflows, select Create Workflow
  1. Choose the workflow type as ‘Your Custom Object Name’ Based Workflow
  2. ex: Account Based Workflow
  1. Set the Trigger:
    1. In the enrollment trigger section, choose the property you want to monitor for changes ex: Customer First Name
    2. From the dropdown menu next to the property, select (is known).
  2. Enable Re-enrollment:
    1. Click on the enrollment trigger box again.
    2. Go to the (Re-enrollment) tab.
    3. Enable re-enrollment for "when the chosen property is known.

PS: Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each of the properties you want to monitor


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Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
Thank you very much and have a great one!
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