WordPress / Hubspot rebuild options - help please!

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We recently became a Hubspot Agency Partner. Our website is currently in WP and we need to make some significant updates to the site.

Our dev team know WP but not Hubspot. We have three options as I see it:

  1. Make the updates in WordPress and use the Hubspot API for forms, meetings tool, etc, continuing to use WP for creating blogs. I'm a bit concerned, though, that there would be a lot of work for our dev team to manage the Hubspot integrations to make this work effectively. And would we have to keep the blog in WP?
  2. Make the updates in WP but somehow code the site so that the blog is hosted in Hubspot, but the rest of the site in WP. We'd need some way for the CMS to create a seamless UX. Is this even possible?
  3. Rebuild the site in Hubspot, adding all the functionality we need. In theory this seems like the best bet, but the only quote I've received for doing the work is 3x the amount needed to make the updates in WP

All input / thoughts welcome. Would be very happy to brief / take on a freelance Hubspot developer to complete the work if someone is willing to take on the challenge!


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Hi @beckholland,

So these are pretty big questions, and I'm not really the best resource for answering all of them in full detail. I can start by giving some general advice, however.

  • First, I think you and your team have to decide where you want things hosted. All of the options you've listed are entirely possible; there are customers who have an entirely external website but still use embedded forms /meetings/email etc. There are customers who host their blog with HubSpot, but host the rest of their website elsewhere. And of course there are customers who choose to host everything on HubSpot.
    • There are pros and cons to each, but it really comes down to how much time/money/energy you and your team are willing to spend on migrating. HubSpot offers things like a Wordpress blog importer and full website migration services (see below).
  • Lastly, I'd highly recommend scheduling a call with your HubSpot contact regarding the process going forward. They'll be able to help address your specific situation in more detail. Support can also help with specific questions regarding the HubSpot side of things.

How to import your WordPress blog posts into a HubSpot blog

The components of your blog that will be imported into HubSpot are: title, author, post body, meta description, categories and/or tags, published date, comments, and images.

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