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Why Can't CMS (COS) Pages Be Hosted On Root Domain?


WHY? What are the technical reasons that HubSpot cannot host content on the root domain?

TL;DR Details

I'm moving my company website to HubSpot COS. All our content is hosted on the root domain: https://foobar.com

So, now we are going to have to implement redirects

foobar.com --> www.foobar.com
foobar.com/blog --> blog.foobar.com
foobar.com/support --> support.foobar.com

My developers are not at all happy about this. They think it is a ridiculous constraint by HubSpot to not support content on the root domain.

So, can someone explain to me WHY it is impossible? What's up with the HubSpot infrastructure that makes this impossible?

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HubSpot Produkt-Team

Hi there,

It's definitely not ideal that you can't host content on the root domain, especially for migrating sites. The reasons we don't currently support it are partially due to internet infrastructure and partially due to reliability concerns.

We rely on CNAME chains to route domains to our servers. Unfortunately the DNS specification does not allow CNAME for root domains. There are ANAMEs which do allow CNAMEs for root domains, but that's supported by very few DNS providers.

The alternative to CNAMEs is just using IPs which DO work for root domains. The issue with IPs is that if they are DDoSed, then customers have to update their DNS to switch to a new IP to restore their site. Since it's not feasible to give every customer their own unique (v4) IPs (or set of IPs), a single DDoSed IP could take down many sites. In fact, many years ago we used to give out IPs, and we suffered this exact situation.

We do offer a service to automatically redirect your root domain paths to www domains so you don't have to set those up manually with another hosting provider.

We're also investigating new tricks that may allow hosting on the root domain, but we don't have a timeline for that at this time.



Thanks for your explanation. It makes sense and it's very helpful to me to be able to pass along to my developers.

Can you tell me more, or provide a link that describes the "service to automatically redirect your root domain paths to www domains"? Does this redirect HTTPS as well as HTTP? (see the other question I posted today: HTTPS Redirect To HubSpot - What is Best Practice?)


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HubSpot Produkt-Team

No problem. Your CSM or anyone in support can setup your portal to allow apex domain redirection. It redirects only HTTP since we can't provision SSL for a domain we don't control.

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