What is what in hubspot api hierarchy

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There is lot of confusion in HS what is what, we have portal, we have accounts, we have apps and all is combined with api keys and oAuth for account and developer account. Just too much hierarchy.

Is account same as portal?

Why do 2 similar endpoints use different api keys, like?https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/ecommerce/v2/get-all-sync-errors-for-a-specific-account

Do I need to have normal account and developer account to build app? 
Is the app same as the account or is that account just subowner of the app that I created with dev account?

What is ecommerce store in all of this, just part of the app?

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Hello @MarkB2B 


For creating an app for HubSpot you need an developer account access to build up your app there. In app you need to scpecify the scopes that you will use in your integration. A new developer account can be obtained from HERE 

From the dev account, you can easily create testing account ( hubspot portals ) to test out your APP connection.



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