Webhooks property change triggering, when i create contact


When i create the contact or compnay using API, Property change webhook triggering.  why did the trigger happen , when create contact or company? 
How can avod the triggers, but other time property change trigger should work ? 
Acually I'm doing contacts and company informations both synching data (like in my database and hubspot database) ?  

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Hey @kajanthan,


As mentioned on this forum thread,


If the deal property change that your webhook event is subscribed to is also a deal property that was filled up when the deal was created, it is expected that you'll receive a webhook call for the deal.propertyChange subscription type.
E.g. If I create a subscription for deal property change:dealname and when a deal is created through an API with dealname the webhook subscription type will see it as both creation of deal and propertychange of dealname.

Currently there isn't a way to differentiatie if the property change is made through an object creation.

That said, If you're subscribed to both the deal creation and deal property change, we can differentiate if it's a creation or property change by looking into the subscription type. (Learn more here: https://developers.hubspot.com/docs/methods/webhooks/webhooks-overview under the subscription types section)