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Webhooks + Adafruit.io - Help diagnose the payload problem?

I've been hoping that I could accomplish this on my own. Not being a true 'developer', I may be a fish too far out of water.

Here's the trouble: I'd like to get a webhook action, triggered by a workflow, to post to an Adafruit.io feed. I've been unable to get it to work using the feed url from my adafruit account - unless I add their new feature '/raw' to the end of the URL. According to devs in their forum, this is probably because the feed on their end is looking for a 'value: " "' in the payload.

I've investigate the payload using Webhook Tester and found that the string has bazillions of 'values' in it. So I'm guessing that Adafruit.io is befuddled by which value it should accept. So it accepts none. Unless, again, I change what the feed expects to see to be '/raw', which just takes everything.

So, now I have a feed that is receiving posts, but it's a jumble of a bunch of stuff that I don't really need the feed POST to include.

I'm wondering whether there's a way in HubSpot to define what it actually POSTS, and restrict that syntax to something Adafruit can parse and display more clearly?

My apologies if I have some terminology wrong here. As indicated, I'm just a bit out of my element here.



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Webhooks + Adafruit.io - Help diagnose the payload problem?

Since what HS provides as webhook output and what Adaruit.io takes are different, you need a mediator to change the feed as per requirement. Something like Zapier or you can host your own script which will make this happen. It will take webhook payload and mould it as per Adafruit.io schema.

Hope this helps your issue.