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I would like to install my app for webhook. For now, I use on production environment one custom app. On staging env, I would like to install two apps (dev and staging).

1. I create a new custom app with proper config (redirect_url, scopes, event subscriptions)

2. I copy https://app.hubspot.com/oauth/authorize?client_id=xxxxx&redirect_uri=my_redirect_url and paste it into the browser

3. I select the proper account and click verify.

4. I'm redirected to my site


Unfortunately, my custom app is still invisible in "connected app" -> https://app.hubspot.com/integrations-settings/xxxxxx/installed

What I'm doing wrong or what I can do additionally?

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@dennisedson Yes, the new staging is a sandbox account. Webhook doesn't work on sandbox by "non-marketplace" apps?



@TeunYes apps from the marketplace work well. But I need a solution to create a good staging env. For now, I have:
1. Prod: Hubspot -> prod app for webhook not listed in the marketplace -> our prod backend
2. Old Staging: Hubspot -> staging app for webhook not listed in the marketplace -> our staging backend

    Old Staging: Hubspot -> dev app for webhook not listed in the marketplace -> our tunnel for development backend

But for now, I create a new staging, and I need to prepare the same webhooks like on prod env. Old staging works good and webhook apps are showing in connected apps. In new staging is impossible.
I use webhook to react to events in Hubspot, but I read from Hubspot by the normal API (hapi_key). I don't use OAuth refresh_token etc.

A solution like "make the private app", sounds like changing the production connection to keep one codebase. It is not a good solution for me. I would prefer it to work as it did before.

If you have any other (not private apps) ideas please let me know.


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It looks like you are using a sandbox from your production account.  Is that your staging? 



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Hi @barteksonarhome ,


Maybe @dennisedson can verify this for me, but I'm pretty sure integrations show up if they are also available in the marketplace. I checked a few of the portals where I have a app connected, and they do not show up, but are also not published on the marketplace.
If this app is created for one specific portal, I would advice you to look into private apps.

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