Webhook events come with huge delay

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I'm currently testing integration with hubspot in my app and I'm struggling with this issue for some time now.


I have webhooks registered for around 50 contact fields, one deal field and a contact.creation. When programatically adding large number of contacts to hubspot (at least 1k but the problem is more visible above 10k), some of them are sent with some delay. First 2/3 of contacts arrive as expected and then the hubspot slows down, sends some minutes and even hours later and often not sending few thousands at all (at least not in the first few hours).


Are there any hidden limits I'm not aware of that causes that? What can we do to be able to receive all of the events in a reasonable time?

EDIT: there has been similar question some time ago: https://community.hubspot.com/t5/APIs-Integrations/Webhook-Notifications-Appear-Delayed/m-p/223840/h...

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Hi @Łukasz ,


It's tough to say for sure what's going on without taking a look at your app settings, but it sounds like your event throttling is set too low. When this setting is set too low, and you experience a large influx of events, the rate limiting can result in timeouts that are retried seconds, minutes, or hours later.


Under normal circumstances, HubSpot will retry webhook notifications up to 10 times over 24 hours. You can find the details of our retry logic in the Webhook API documentation, and in this changelog post.


I would recommend increasing your event throttling as a first step. It'd also be a good idea to check out your webhook requests in your app's "Monitoring" dashboard to see if there are any errors that might point to an underlying issue.