Webhook Re-running Issue

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We run a Webhook and our process sets off a processing job in background and sends a 200 status back to HS. It appears that HS is failing to recognise this and then re-running the process 1 minute later and it does recognise the 200.


This is causing a data integrity issue in our other system. Do they have any detailed logs of what is happening?


We need to understand why HS is failing to accept the first 200 status. If we cannot get to the bottom of this, can we remove the option to re-try?

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Hi Tommy,


I'm happy to take a look for you. Could you let me know the ID of your HubSpot app that's sending the webhook? I can take a look and see what response HubSpot is seeing from that. Feel free to send it here or through a private message if you'd prefer.


Leland Scanlan

HubSpot Developer Support