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I have two queries  

1. We are getting below error 


While completing getting started steps in app which is created in developer account.

2. I have created one developer and one test account. From test account we can add company, contact, deal data. From developer account, create one APP.  I am new to webhooks.  I have been successful with HubSpot API calls.  Checked hubspot Webhook API.  Created webhook and included url from ngrok.  Created new contact but not receiving payload.  Actually, I am not receiving anything.  Please let me know what additional information I need to include to receive help on my issue at your convenience.  Thank you.

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Community Manager

Webhook API

Hi, @AKhadye 👋 Welcome to the community! Let's see if we can get the conversation started. Hey @LMeert @Teun @JBeatty, do you have any tips for @AKhadye on how to get moving using webhooks for their project? 


Thank you for taking a look! — Jaycee


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