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HubSpot Product Team

We’ve Acquired PieSync, the Highest-Reviewed Data Syncing iPaaS

Here at HubSpot we're passionate about helping our customers grow better. We believe an integrated software stack is the cornerstone of this growth — and it’s why we continue to invest heavily in transforming HubSpot into an open platform. Over the years, we’ve worked to improve our developer experience, evolve our app partner program, and create new ways for our customers to grow their businesses by extending their software stacks.


Today, we're taking this one step further by announcing our acquisition of app partner PieSync, a highly reviewed iPaaS solution that constantly syncs customer data (contacts and companies) across software platforms. 


I want to assure you that even though we now own PieSync, we are committed to maintaining an open platform ecosystem for all solutions, including other iPaaS, connector, and sync apps. We recognize that integration platforms have a wide variety of capabilities, and we believe strongly in giving customers the choice to pick the solution that works best for them.  


We also place immense value on the deep, direct integrations built by our app partners that enable seamless workflows across apps and add value directly into the HubSpot UI via extensions, timeline events, and more.  If you have (or are considering) a direct integration, we encourage you to develop and maintain it! A direct integration is a key step toward a first-class listing in the app marketplace and certification as a HubSpot App Partner, helping you build visibility and attract new customers.  And it allows you to create a purpose-built, in-depth, high-value experience for our joint customers.


For the immediate future, PieSync will continue to be sold as a separate product at its current pricing.  HubSpot and PieSync will still operate as two independent companies. Going forward, we’ll be looking at ways to better integrate PieSync’s functionality with the HubSpot platform and brand, and will share more details as we continue to scope this out.


For more details, dig into how HubSpot and PieSync work together and then get inside Brian Halligan’s head on why we made this move.  Or check out PieSync.com to try and buy.  If you still have questions, please share them in the comments below.  This is an exciting step forward for HubSpot’s ecosystem!

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