We find deal ID's back in Tableau which don't exist in HubSpot anymore


Hi all, we are working in an external data BI program (Tableau). HubSpot data is exported to Tableau through 1) Stitch and 2) BigQuery. The total number of deals in HubSpot is around 77000, where the total number of deals in Tableau is +85000. We have looked into the data and find deal IDs in Tableau which do not exist in HS anymore - we suspect that these could be either deleted.

The deleted deals: we found a property "isdeleted" with true/false as values. However, the results in Tableau are inconsistent: it when a deal is marked as deleted:true in Tableau, this is not necessarily deleted in HS and vice versa. this makes the data unreliable. Does anybody know what could be the issue and how this could be solved? Any suggestion or idea is more than welcome!

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Hi @BGerrmann ,


Can you maybe set in one of your exports if you want Archived deals? 
If they are adding Archived Deals through your export, you can have strange numbers of Deals.


Regards Ronald


Hi Ronald,


Thanks for your tip. We haven't seen this function while making the export. My guess is that stitch just sents raw data through.


We've just used the integration via Datawarehouse.io  and all logic seems return. Our guess is that the we should add the logic rules somewhere in the export. For now we just might use the Datawarehouse.io API between the systems. 

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@BGerrmann In case you would like to run a 30-day free trial of the HubSpot Integration for Tableau, here is a link to the app in the HubSpot App Marketplace.  (Disclosure: Datawarehouse.io is the integration platform from Bayard Bradford, a HubSpot Diamond Solutions Partner.  Datawarehouse.io apps have hundreds of installs worldwide.)

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