Want to pull Contacts from CRM into a HubDB database module in CMS webpage


Can anyone advise? I want to use some of the info from the Contacts database in the CRM to form a hubDB module on a few of my website pages in the CMS. As its the same info i want to use - there is no point creating a new HubDB module that doesn't take the info directly from the contacts in CRM, as all the info i need for my CMS hubdb module is already there. Plus I want it in real time - any changes that happen to the contact info, is updated on the hubdb module. Tech support has told me this is possible in theory as the hubspot API is open - but any ideas how i can develop it? thank you

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Hi @Llat, it's correct that there's no in-app way to do this, and can't provide samples of how this would work on the development side but can advise on a conceivable way to do this via our APIs. What you could do is use the Get all contacts endpoint to paginate through all your contacts, extract the values you need for your HubDB table, then push your data to the HubDB table via this endpoint. I created a simple example for paginating through contacts that you can find here: https://github.com/cbarley10/hubspot-pagination if you'd like an example of how to get contacts with a specific value for a field and do something with them.