Want to build a custom Post Listing module? Try the RSS Listing module instead


We had a late-breaking design change request after migration. I needed to add a blog post list to the home page. I found the Post Listing module, and this is what I had:

It's just kinda okay...rather than simply listing the posts as an unordered list and styled with bullet points, I wanted to provide something that looked a little more like "blog posts" than "bullet points".

I started digging through how to build my own with HubL and CSS, but I didn't go that route. I found info about the RSS Listing module. It can display external RSS feeds, but it can also display HubSpot posts. That's what I used. And it has more flexibility than the Post Listing module. Here's my result:

Hope that helps someone...if the Post Listing isn't quite what you need, try the RSS Listing module instead.

Andy Johnston

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Thanks for sharing, @ajohnstonslv!

Isaac Takushi

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