Visitor Identification API is not creating new contact record


So referring to it says that when creating a token, it will create a new contact record if one does not already exist (or update an existing one).

Our users when logging into our platform, are not always present as Hubspot contacts. So reading the above API, it says that if a contact record is not present when generating the token it will be created or updated, but I am not seeing the new contacts being created. I am getting a identificationToken returned and I can use that token in the javascript to display the widget, but when I try to type anything as the user, immediately I get an error in the widget. The widget is configured to only display for logged in users.

I have confirmed that if I use a token of an existing contact, the widget will work and chat will show up in the Conversations area of Hubspot.


Should the Visitor Identification create a new contact if the contact is not present?

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