Using Mailchimp to manage blog e-newsletter


I'd like to be able to use Mailchimp as the EMS to drive our blog e-newsletter. Can someone help with setup instructions?

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HubSpot Employee

Welcome, @jater.


It sounds like your blog is hosted on HubSpot and you wish to send blog notification emails through Mailchimp rather than through HubSpot's email tool. Is that correct?


No integrations I know of support this out of the box, so are you seeking to build a custom integration?


If so, I can certainly speak to how you might go about this from the HubSpot side, including:
• Retrieving blog subscriber records via the Contact Lists API.

• Retrieving blog post contents via the CMS Blog Posts API.


Please let me know if I've misunderstood your use case or can clarify any points further.

Isaac Takushi

Alumnus, HubSpot Developer Support