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Using Export API for a HubSpot App



I'm trying to develop a feature for a HubSpot app that uses the Export API. I've added the crm.export to my oauth scopes and checked the box for it in the app "Auth Settings" from my developer dashboard.


But when I try to create an export on my portal, I'm getting the following error (403 response code):


"status": "error",
"message": "Public Exports API is gated for this portal",
"correlationId": "6853854d-f794-4c21-ade8-5792cc0ca2a9",


From a previous thread, it seems like I'll need to reach out to support to request that this API be un-gated for my portal. But does that also mean this functionality won't work for any of the customers who might install my app either, until they've requested that feature be ungated? Is there a timeline for when the Export API will be available to all portals?

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Community Manager

Using Export API for a HubSpot App

Hi, @Brody 👋 Thanks for your question. To clarify, if you are using a developer test account, they cannot be opted-into betas. Which, in this specific beta, is challenging as an app or integration developer. 

From the documentation — Opt your HubSpot account into a public beta feature
Please note: you cannot enroll a developer test account into a beta feature.”


I also have a request out to get the above note added to the dev doc for this API — Exports.


This endpoint doesn't have a public release date yet. My instinct is “soon” and I acknowledge there are many factors that dictate when something comes out of beta.


Human-to-human, I am sorry this left you a bit stuck. And thank you for calling this out. It's the only way we can improve your experience moving forward.







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