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Is there a way to use the API to trigger the automatic creation of drafts of Job Offers from a third-party (our in-house app) ?

We would then notify certain people letting them know they should revise the information contained in those drafts before publishing the Job Offer on our website.



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Hi @payne,


There are 4 primary ways of using the HubSpot APIs to create and publish content from a third party. I've gone into them in a little more detail below. Perhaps one of them will solve for your specific use case:


1) CMS Page Publishing API - Use HubSpot pages for job offers

This API would allow you to "Create new pages" that would be eventually published on the HubSpot system. By default all pages created using this API would be set to an unpublished/draft state.  There is also an endpint to "Publish" pages (or unpublish depending on the requirement).


2) CMS Blog Post API - Use HubSpot blog post for job offers

This API would allow you to "Create new blog posts" that could then be published onto a HubSpot blog via our "Publish or unpublish blog post" endpoint. 


3) CMS HubDB API - Use HubDB for job offers*

HubDB is part of our CMS add on. It allows you to build tables of data and display this data on website and/or landing pages. From a technical perspective it's the best solution if your working with the likes of Job listings or any type of listing directory for that matter. Assuming you had a "Job offers" table you could use the API to "add a new row to the tabl " and when you are satisfied all is good with the offer you could "publish any changes to the table" to bring those changes into production.

* Requires the HubSpot CMS


4) Marketing Email API - Use marketing emails for job offers*

Using the "Marketing Email API"  you could "create new emails"  to represent job offers. Changes could be made within HubSpot by the appropriate team and the email published in app when they're satisfied it's good to go.

*There is no ability to publish (send) marketing emails via the API. We do have transactional email APIs that would allow you to send transactional or marketing emails using the single send API but access would require purchasing the transactional email add on.


From a notification standpoint that is something that you would need implement. If you were trying to set something up like this in HubSpot one way might be to have contacts that represent the "approvers" and create a workflow that will send them an email or SMS when there is new content to approve. There is an API that would allow you to "enroll contacts into specific workflows" . You'd likely need to use the API for enrollment because we have no enrollment triggers within the app itself that would listen for content changes/additions. This is largely due to the fact that the workflows tool is intended for marketing automation/lead nurturing. 


I hope this helps to point you in the right directiona and if you've any questions on the above I'm happy to answer them.




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About your option #3 (CMS HubDB API) : does it allow the saving of a draft of a page?


A potential use-case for us would be to generate a draft of a Job Offer to be reviewed one last time by a human before approbation for publication (the review would be done through HubSpot's usual web interface).