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Use webhooks as a trigger in workflows



I'm trying to integrate an external application (condingame) with workflows.


I have a first simple POST action : send a technical test to a candidate.

For that, i use the custom code action in workflows with the axios Node.JS module.

For this step, that works correctly.


In the second time, i want to catch with a webhook when the candidate finished the test.

Here is the webhook action : https://www.codingame.com/assessment/api-docs#tag/Webhook/operation/subscribe


But i don't understand how is it possible to make this webhook with the webhook action in wofklows.

I don't understand too why the trigger is necessary before the webhook.

This webhook IS A TRIGGER and permanently listen to a new submission.


Can someone help me ?


Thanks you very much

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Guía | Partner

Use webhooks as a trigger in workflows

Hey @MaxWCS,


I am not sure I am understanding your issue with triggers. They are required to run on certain events in your portal and then the webhook is posted.


Can you elaborate a bit more on the second half of your problem? Are you pushing back data into HubSpot after a candidate completes a test?

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