Update: The associatedcompanyid contact property will become read-only on April 26th

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When the HubSpot CRM originally launched, contacts could only be associated with a single company. This association was done using the associatedcompanyid, since only a single association from a contact to a single company was supported. Since then, we've added new objects, such as tickets and products, and also added support for parent and child companies. These new objects, and the new relationships between these objects, have required several updates to the systems that are used to manage those associations.

What's happening?

As part of those updates, we want to make sure that all associations in the HubSpot Sales and Service Hubs are managed through a single system: the CRM Associations API. The CRM Associations API allows you to manage associations for all objects across the HubSpot Sales and Service Hubs. Ths API also supports creating associations in batches, including creating multiple types of associations in the same batch, compared to the individual endpoints for making associations for specific objects one at a time.

What's changing?

Beginning on April 26, 2019, the associatedcompanyid property will become read-only, meaning that the property can no longer be set or updated when creating or updating contact records. At that point, you will need to use the CRM Associations API to make any associations between contacts and companies.

Please let us know if you have any questions by replying below.

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Hi @dadams

Looking forward to using the new associations - it looks much more flexible and powerful.

Question - do you know if the CRM Associations will be visible using the CRM GUI? i.e. can someone view all properties and change stuff?

Thanks in advance

HubSpot Moderator

Hey, @Webalite.

To confirm, are you asking whether object associations are visible and editable on a given object record?

If so, yes. This has been and will continue to be possible. Here's a screencast of me adding and removing associations created through the CRM Associations API in the GUI.

Let me know if I've misunderstood your question.

Isaac Takushi

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Has this change already gone live?


We are no longer able to set this value on a contact and we can't find associatedcompanyid in the contact property list.


Also, what's the best way to keep up-to-date on changes like these? I haven't seen it mentioned in the hubspot developer forums summary and it's easy to miss if you don't frequent the forums. I found this post since I was creating a forum post to ask what had happened to the property, since our integrations have stopped working.




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Hi, @Bjorneb.


No, this has not gone live. The associatedcompanyid property can still be set via the Contacts API.


I just called the Get all contacts properties endpoint and the property was included in the response:


        "name": "associatedcompanyid",
        "label": "Associated Company ID",
        "description": "A company's ID",
        "groupName": "contactinformation",
        "type": "number",
        "fieldType": "text",
        "createdAt": null,
        "readOnlyDefinition": true,
        "updatedAt": null,
        "hubspotDefined": true,
        "formField": false,
        "displayOrder": 24,
        "readOnlyValue": false,
        "hidden": true,
        "mutableDefinitionNotDeletable": true,
        "favorited": false,
        "favoritedOrder": -1,
        "calculated": false,
        "externalOptions": false,
        "displayMode": "current_value",
        "showCurrencySymbol": null,
        "createdUserId": null,
        "textDisplayHint": null,
        "numberDisplayHint": "unformatted",
        "optionsAreMutable": null,
        "referencedObjectType": "COMPANY",
        "isCustomizedDefault": false,
        "searchableInGlobalSearch": false,
        "currencyPropertyName": null,
        "hasUniqueValue": false,
        "updatedUserId": null,
        "deleted": null,
        "options": []

I then successfully updated a contact in my account with this endpoint and the following payload:


  "properties": [
      "property": "associatedcompanyid",
      "value": "263467842"


All this said, we recommend using the CRM Associations API to manage object associations as soon as possible.


I'm sorry that you've experienced confusion around this update, however.


The best way to monitor changes to HubSpot's APIs is to subscribe to our changelog. You can find the associated update for this change here.


Isaac Takushi

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Hi Dadams,


We have experience problems with the "Create Deal" end point. Until 22 of April 13:00 GMT -0300 hours, our integration was working fine. After that, the Deal association with the contact stoped working and needed to be an array instead of accepting a single VID as it was prior to that.


I understand by your post that we should change the associations to use the CRM associations API for that.


My questions is, since the post talk about the "associatedCompanyIds" and not the "associatedVids" that we use, can we plan this change further in time or should we have this change ready before April 26?


Thanks in advance.


HubSpot Moderator

Welcome, @Eduardo_Araujo.


@Dadams would you be able to confirm this?


My understanding is that this update would only apply to the associatedcompanyid field for the Contacts API. I would expect other similar fields for the Deals API like associatedCompanyIds and associatedVids to continue to work for now.


That said, @Eduardo_Araujo, I encourage you to begin using the CRM Associations API for all object associations as soon as possible, as that is the direction we are headed.

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support