Update: CRM Integration Guide

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What’s happening?

The CRM Integrations Guide page have been updated to reflect the newer objects that have been added to HubSpot.  In addition, we have also updated the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) to visually display how the default HubSpot objects relate to one another  


How should this be used?

There are two main uses for this documentation.  The first is as a guide to integrate HubSpot with a CRM system, it goes over the common use cases and the general data flow for how HubSpot recommends those types of integrations follow. The second, usage is for any type of integration builder to see how objects related to one another in the embedded ERD.  Due to the nature of HubSpot, data does not exist in isolation so it’s important to consider how the data an integration is creating, reading, updating or deleting fits in with what is already there.


This documentation is now live.

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