Trouble getting ALL fields to create from a Wix form to HubSpot contact

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I have a form I created in a Wix Webpage.  I linked it to my Wix account successfuly.  It has the following fields; First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Street Address, City, State, Postal Code, Phone Number and a custom created multi-dropdown called "Transaction Types".

1. When I test it a contact gets created/updated and most of the fields populate correctly.  However, "State" does not.  The field name is "State" in the form, it is "State" in HS, but it won't populate.  It is a drop-down selection in Wix, does that make a difference?  First name works with the same concept of matching the two field names, so I am baffled.

2. The field Transaction Types will also not populate.  It is a multi-checkbox in Wix named "Transaction Types" and I created a custom field in Hubspot named "Transaction types" also and it is a multi-dropdown as well.

3. Also, I want the form to create a new Contact record everytime it is submitted, but it keeps updating the same contact in HS.  

Can anyone help with what I am doing wrong that these three issues are occuring?

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Hi, @100_Percent_Pay.


Apologies for the delayed response.


Issues 1 and 2 are likely due to the fact that the HubSpot Forms API uses the internal names of properties and their values. For example, even if the labels of the states match, the internal values may not.


To troubleshoot this further, could you share a link to a contact created in HubSpot which is missing "State" and "Transaction Types" values?


HubSpot deduplicates contacts by email address, but if your form is set up to accept cookies, then even submissions with different email values may update the same contact record if the same hubspotutk cookie token value is passed. (The Forms API accepts this cookie via the hutk field in the context object.)


Please share a link to such a contact so that I can diagnose the cause.

Isaac Takushi

HubSpot Developer Support