Trouble aligning the submit button on the same row as my input fields

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I am new to HubSpot and custom form creation. I am trying to add HubSpot forms to our Shopify site. I have an email signup form in a wrapper at the bottom of each page of our site. I have the first, last and email on one line. However, the submit button is displaying below these fields rather than floating as I would like it to.

The following is the css I have to far to achieve the look I want. Now I just need to get it aligned correctly!

css: ‘.hs-form input[type=“text”], .hs-form input[type=“email”] {background-color: #00B1CD; color: white;}body input[type=“submit”] {color: white; font-weight: 600; display: inline-block; float: left;}’,

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, the input type submit is inside a div with a class=“action”, this div is what you have change the style for a proper aligment.