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Trailing spaces on csv import

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I am using the Import API to automate some data uploading from csv files. Some of the data integration tests I wrote doesn't pass because it looks like the Import API is trailing the border spaces for "text" ( .. "type": "string", "fieldType": "text", ... } properties ( Single line text on GUI).

I.e, the csv file has a " Import this string ", after the csv is imported in the right custom schema, the record's property is "Import this string" and the border spaces are gone. If you edit the property from GUI it allow to add those border spaces and they remains there after saving the record. So I believe it could be a bug with Import API? or maybe a bug in the python sdk that I am using (hubspot-api-client==4.0.6
)? But I believe it must be on the Import API because I was able to reproduce the bug using the GUI Import tool.

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Trailing spaces on csv import

Hi, @VLorente 👋 Thanks for reaching out! Hey @taran42, do you have any insight into how @VLorente can format their data? Or what additional info they can provide to help the community better understand the root cause?


Thank you! — Jaycee


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