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Tracking API calls and frequency

Hello community!


I am working with my backend tech team to resolve some issues with our Product <> Hubspot API integration. 


What we do is send product activity data into Hubspot by updating custom properties for the respective contacts. 


I want to understand if there is a way for me (as a marketer) or the dev team to track and assess the average number of API calls we make per contact in our system. 


Has anyone tried to do this? If yes, any help here would be appreciated 🙂

If not, please feel free to share ideas/support documentation.




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Tracking API calls and frequency



From what I know the only way to monitor the API calls is in the client settings where you get list of your calls during x period. 


But if I understand your question correctly I would say that there are no API to measure the amount of calls you actually make. Instead I would recommend loggin that in your own system with a function for each call. Both as a part of error handling as well as keeping track of the amount of calls.

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