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i am using hubspot ticket with api.
i am sending NOTE from hubspot pannel, ( as admin response) 
but admin's response , ordered before client's question !

(i created ticket and add engagement from api , but admin responded from hubspot pannel, so it is not at the saaaame time !)
what should i do !??

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Gestionnaire de communauté
Gestionnaire de communauté

Ticket's Note

Hi @BB33 


Thank you for reaching out.


I want to tag some of our experts on this - @JBeatty @himanshurauthan do you have any thoughts on this for @BB33 ? 


Thank you!



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Ticket's Note

Hello @BB33,


Activities (notes and all engagements) lists based on the DateTime, if you want to re-order them, you have to manage the time.


It would be easier for me to share an example if you share what you want to achieve and the complete process, please.



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