Three questions regarding values of CRM properties


I have three questions regarding values of some properties.


First, there isn't any guideline or options for "timezone" property for company. what kind of values should I assign to it? There are some choices for "hs_timezone" for contact. Should I use it to "timezone" for company?


Second, I can't find "business unit" configuration page on hubspot website. how can I get to the business unit on the website? Also, how can I get "business unit" values from developer API?


Third, when I insert some values into "hs_time_between_contact_creation_and_deal_creation", the values are not saved into it. When I retreive value, it is empty string. Why is it so? it says it's not readOnlyValue. I should not use it?


Thank you.

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Hello @bsl !

  1. There is a timezone property for companies aptly named timezone.  I recommend using the get properties endpoint to show all available (standard and custom) properties for an object.
  2. Business Units is an add on  that you would need to request.  Once you have this add on, the objects will have additional properties specific to the business units that you can query via the API. 
  3. You will need to let us see your request (minus hapikey) and request body to helo with this.  Make sure that the value is in milliseconds


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Hi Dennis, thank you for your answer.


For your two answers, I would like to ask some more.


1. when I use nodejs library (@hubspot/ali-client) and retrive property information via property endpoint the result is as below.

        "label""Time Zone",
        "description""Time zone where the company or organization is located. Powered by HubSpot Insights. ",
        "options": [],
        "modificationMetadata": {
As you can see here options are empy array. But when I retrieve hs_timezone for contact property there are several options such as "pacific_slash_midway"
So should I use the options for contact hs_timezone property to timezone property for company?
2. I can't find add on to request on the website. where can I do that? and If I use the add on can I get options that I made for business unit(hs_all_assigned_business_unit_ids)?
3. I used  nodejs library (@hubspot/ali-client) and called this function
it seems that it saves the property "hs_time_between_contact_creation_and_deal_creation" but after I get this contact information it's a empty string although the other properties come as I expected
Beomseok Lee