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Here's my situation: I have the company website where customers can enter their orders, but the welcome/marketing/contact emails are sent via Hubspot.

I'm trying to sync my consent database (collected at the time the order is created) with hubspot's contacts and its consents (opt-in/out).
The sync should be two-way, as from my site the contacts should be created and the data associated with them imported (and so far almost no problem), but then I would like to update my database every time a user changes their settings (via the "email preferences" hubspot link).
I tried to do this through a workflow, updating a custom contact property, but on this link ( it says "Please note: privacy consent events cannot be used for re-enrollment.", so unfortunately it works only the first time.


So, these are my question:

How can I get a subset of my contacts that have changed their opt-in and opt-out in a short period of time, for example one day?
Is it possible to create the link of the single contact for the "email preferences", so that I can manage the consents only on the hubspot side?
Alternatively, is it possible to send an email from hubspot to manage the "email preferences" directly to the user by his request?
If yes, is it possible even if the user has opted out?


any other suggestion is well accepted 😁

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@Teun , I feel like you may have some opinions on this 😉



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Hi @Fpugliese and @dennisedson ,


I see several questions, I'll try to answer them all.


Regarding the webhook re-enrollment. You could try the Webhook API instead. It should send a post on each update event. These should all be realtime events.

When a user has a full opt-out, they need to manually resubscribe by sending a form. When they do so, they will see a link with a notice regarding their full opt-out, if they click the link, they will receive a mail which they can use to resubscibe. So to answer your question, no, I do not think you can send a link to your contacts.
If the unsubscribed from only one subscribtion type, this might be possible.


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Hi @dennisedson and @Teun ,

thank you for your replies 🙂 


I read the documentation about Webhook API and gave it a try but I don't think they are the right way, because I can't create a subscription between the app and the webhooks on a contact's email subscription. I can do it on the basic properties of a contact (e.g. first name last name and company)

Of course, correct me if I'm wrong.


Thanks of the explanation regarding the full opt-out, even if I have not understood if you talk about of any form or if you are talking about the "manage-preferences - unsubscribe" one (usually put in bottom to the emails).


About this last one, is it possible to replicate it or integrate it within our site/application? 🤞

This solution is fast and it would solve my problem.


Or do you have another solution I can adopte?

Again, thank you a lot both of you

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Hi @Fpugliese ,


Is your website a HubSpot website? There are a few modules available, but to recreate the subscription preferences, you probably need to use the API.

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Hi @Teun ,

nope, my website is not an HubSpot website.

We are integrating our site toHubSpot for marketing stuffs.


I take a look at the subscription API and did some testing. Thanks for the advice.
I have a problem though: it seems to me that it is not possible to re-enroll a user who has unsubscribed independently. Of course.


The biggest problem I have right now, is that I have two entry points for managing privacy consents.
I can remove the entry point from my site, but I have to allow users who are on my site to have something to refer them to HubSpot's preference management. 

This is because privacy consents will always be managed by HubSpot since emails are sent from HubSpot and gdpr forces us to have the preference management link at the bottom of the email.


Simply, I would have the same need as this other user


I hope I have been clear 😄
Thanks for the help


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