Sunset: IP addresses will be sunset from all HubSpot APIs on May 29th, 2019

Community Manager

What’s happening?


To maintain the privacy of contacts within the HubSpot database, we will be sunsetting the ability to pull the IP address of Contacts via HubSpot’s API or the exports of email event (emailEvents) records.


Geo-location data (e.g. city, state, region, country, timezone, etc.) derived from the IP address will continue to remain accessible via the API and on contact records within HubSpot.


What’s changing?


The sunset of the IP address from HubSpot’s APIs will affect the following:

  • Email APIs: Event APIs & Event Exports All existing IP location data will be purged from our datastores.
  • Contacts APIs: The `ip_address` contact property will be removed. This property will no longer be accessible via the API. Associated IP location properties will continue to function as they do today.  
  • Subscriptions API Timelines: IP data will still be stored for subscriptions compliance with a 3 year Time to Live, but will not be publicly accessible.


When is this happening?


The sunset will take place on Monday, May 29, 2019.


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Regular Contributor

Does this mean we won't be able to search by IP and see the IP address in the HubSpot UI?

Community Manager

Hey gillytech, 


That is correct. The "IP address" property will be removed from the HubSpot UI. 

New Contributor

Does this also mean that we won't be able to write to ip_address via the API?

Community Manager

Hi Snaprjk, 


Correct. The IP address property will cease to exist, meaning you will not be able to access it via the API in addition to through the UI. 

New Member

What specifically prompted the need for removal of reporting IP addresses? I assume it was for legal reasons, but is there a specific law or legal ruling that HubSpot is attempting to be in compliance with as a result of this change? 

HubSpot Product Team

Yes, the decision was made because IP addresses is considered personal data under some data privacy laws. Further, IP address is considered more sensitive data as deals with location and requires consent for collection and processing.