SumoMe + HubSpot - how to get source info


We use SumoMe’s List Builder (popup) and Welcome Mat (page take over) CTAs to grab email addresses. These work well, but no source tracking info is passed.

SumoMe offers an integration with HubSpot but unfortunately, source tracking info is not passed over. Contact’s appear as “Offline Sources”. This is not good.

Is there perhaps a way to use SumoMe’s conversion pixel JS tracking area to add the necessary info so I can understand the lead source and campaign?


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HubSpot Employee

Hi David

To add source tracking you would need to implement one of the following options:

  • Connect the SumoMe pop up with the HubSpot Forms API. The forms API allows to pass the HS cookie in with the contact information as part of the hs_context parameter. See the full details here.
  • Fire a custom JavaScript event (requires HubSpot Enterprise) when the email address is captured in the SumoMe popup. You can use the identify() method of the Events API to create and update contacts.

Typically, the Forms API is the more robust solution. Please note that you can also associate offline contacts with their online behaviour if they click on a link/CTA in a HubSpot marketing email that brings them to a page on your website/blog that contains the HS tracking code.