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Subscription status history shows repeated opt-outs for single contact from Public API

We noticed many contacts (10,000+) are being opted out multiple times on specific dates. Some dates correspond to email send dates, and some do not. The source is listed as Public API. Does anyone know what might be the issue, how to debug, or where I can look for more information?


Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 5.25.31 PM.png


Screen Shot 2023-01-31 at 4.30.43 PM.png


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Community Manager

Subscription status history shows repeated opt-outs for single contact from Public API

Hi, @hannahyockel 👋 Thanks for the question. To confirm, HubSpot does not store details of API call logs for portals. Your dev(s) will likely need to investigate from your end to find where there is a module, link, or some other process that is calling the endpoint in question. 


Based on my time in Support helping with mysteries like this, here's how I'd get started:

Take your example contact and:

  • Look for the date of the last API-based opt out
  • Look in the activity record for form submissions, workflow enrollments, or page visits with a same/similar timestamp as the opt-out event
  • Look at the marketing or sales email sent before the opt-out event to see if there is a custom module that could relate to opt-outs

Other questions:

  • Are these contacts who receive marketing emails? 1-1 sales emails? Or both?
  • If marketing, do those emails contain a module that has a custom opt-out or unsubscribe link? Outside the default options included in all emails? 
  • Is this still occurring in 2023? 
  • Does your portal have an active HAPI key that was extended? The Update email subscription status for an email address endpoint requires Authentication, and the screenshot you shared shows events going back to 2020.

I know this is more questions and no solutions, and I wanted to make sure you had a few additional options to work with and, potentially, rule out.






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