Subscription Types for Contact will not be supported by KingswaySoft - Need Help


Something has changed very recently in HubSpot API. Subscription Types seem to be the way things are moving towards instead of using the Opt-Out fields located on the Contact entity. I use KingswaySoft and SSIS for our integration needs but KingswaySoft won't be supporting these new Subscription records because they are attached to the Email entity and there is no efficient way to call the Email API and it's child subscription records.

Here is what KingswaySoft Support said:

"Thanks for the further details.

We had a closer look at the HubSpot Email API, it seems you can get email subscription status for an email address ([]).

Using this API method to get contacts’ subscription would consume a lot of API calls as you can only get one contact’s email subscription status in one service call. With this being said, we are not planning to add this support in our HubSpot toolkit in the near future due to the fact that this approach would result in an undesired performance."

Can anyone guide me in the right direction on what is going on with these Subscription types tied to the Contact in reference to the Email entity?

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HubSpot Moderator

Hi @LastExile,

I'm not totally clear on the situation here. The email opt-out properties have always been read-only; they're a reflection of the contact's subscription status. Similarly, the Email API has been documented (mostly unchanged, with the exception of recent GDPR-related functionality) since 2014.

The biggest clarification I can think to make is: An email address's subscription status is separate from a given contact record, but I wouldn't necessarily describe the Email API as working with distinct "email entities". If someone opts out of communication, we track that opted-out email address. Because of this, if the contact record with that email address is deleted and re-imported, the opt-out status persists. There aren't distinct email objects that are separate from contacts; there are subscription types, and each email address has a subscription status for each subscription type.