Submitting form data using form URL


Hello everyone,

up until now, I have been sending the data from our forms through API because we need more control over our forms and thus we render them on our own and were sending the data over using API. But that doesn’t work for forms which are using scoring because API doesn’t support that (well, doesn’t have the COS page ID parameter I could pass).

So, I’d send those forms directly to the form URL. I do have the COS page ID but don’t know how to use it in the form. And so my question is: Where should be the COS page ID placed and how should it be named?

I did have found pageId in originalEmbedContext, which is part of hs_context JSON but I’ve figured out I better ask around here first to avoid making some mess in our data.

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Hi @Daniel_Tlach,

The COS pageId field is just called pageId, and goes in the hs_context parameter. You should be able to get the pageId value using the COS Page Publishing API: