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Submission response from hubspot to Zapier comes with Profile token abc123xyz !

Quite a newbie here, but i have been playing around zapier since so many years and hence this weird response from hubspot caught my attention, upon submission of a contact into hubspot.


addedAt :1545319191708
vid :1234
canonical-vid : 1234
merged-vids :
portal-id : 1234567
is-contact : true
profile-token : abc123xyz
profile-url : https://app.hubspot.com/contacts/1234567/lists/public/contact/_abc123xyz/
Anyhow, Donno who is at mistake here, (zapier or hubspot) but, since the data being passed successfully, i assume this is being passed into a sandbox environment due to which the contacts, deals, or tickets created via zapier is not reflecting in appropriate Hubspot Dashboards.
Take necessary steps and resolve it asap as i believe there are so many dependencies gonna get broken if this remains this way. If i am wrong, suggest me, how to get this resolved in my case.
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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Submission response from hubspot to Zapier comes with Profile token abc123xyz !

Hi @chackiath 


We're going to need more information around this issue that you've encountered here!


Would you be able to directly message me with more information around this snippet, namely the following:

  1. Where was this extracted from?
  2. Is this information posted from Zapier to HubSpot or vice-versa?
  3. Is this form data that was passed to either Zapier or HubSpot?

With the above, could you also provide a link to this contact in your account and confirm your Portal Id for me? 



Product Manager @ HubSpot