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Stripе Data Sync and Stripe Customer id

Hi there!!

I'm trying to build an App to work in combination with this super-useful official App: https://ecosystem.hubspot.com/marketplace/apps/sales/sales-enablement/stripe-data-sync

I want to rely on that in order to avoid that "sync-task".

I'm looking to build new CRM panels with a  to expand functionality, however I'm stuck for several days and I'm desperate! 😞


It's about the Stripe Customer Id. My understanding is that when "Stripе Data Sync" acts, it creates the Customer in Stripe and store their id (it's a string like "cus_xxx").

But, this kind of information is missing in the Contact object. I've reviewed all properties and there is nothing.


Just I've found references to "Stripе Data Sync" in "Web analytic history", take a look please!! 👇




But nothing useful when I retrieve the Contact object via API.


Do you know if there is any way to obtain the Stripe Customer Id  ("cus_xxx") via API from the "Stripе Data Sync" ???


Please help!! 🙏


Thanks in advance!!

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Community Manager

Stripе Data Sync and Stripe Customer id

Hello @JavierMoralSQ1 thank you for posting in our Community!


I was able to investigate more about it and currently Are you referring to our Stripe Data Sync integration? If so, the only objects we can sync with that integration are Customers, Invoices, and Products (you can see the detailed list here). You'll see from Stripe's API documentation that Subscriptions are a distinct object. In HubSpot, we don't have a compatible object which we can map their object.


I want to invite our top experts @Anton @Teun any recommendations to @JavierMoralSQ1?


Thank you,


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Stripе Data Sync and Stripe Customer id

Is there any possible way to get the CUSTOMER ID from Stripe to be synced with Hubspot?