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Hi Guys, 

We are actively working with a client and Shopify. We have integrated Shopify with HubSpot and everything is working nicely. 


However, we noticed that when we update an order that was originally charged for a higher amount, and refund some products, we see the updated amount is not reflected on the deal title in the ecommerce pipeline.


To confirm: It is sending the data to HubSpot. If you click into the deal card, select actions and then view all properties. Then you hover over amount, you can select details and find the Integrations Sync has the updated property value of the new amount.


However, its not updating the Amount in the field nor in the Deal Title. 


Any light on this?

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HubSpot Moderator

Hey @quickjeff,


Just to clarify, do you mean that the deal amount value is updated only when you click into the deal card and view all properties? However, on the main page of the deal record, the amount displayed on the left side card isn't the updated amount?


If so, could you share with me the following:

1. Portal ID in question

2. Examples deal IDs


Hey Wendy, 


Yes. You are almost correct.


Basically, we have an order come through on Shopify. The order then is pushed to HubSpot as a deal. The deal in the Ecommerce pipeline shows the Order # and if you click on the deal, you will see the pop up show the details with the original amount that was part of the order.


These orders are authorized but not charged yet. Once we verify the stock is in, we either capture the payment or adjust the item quantities. Meaning, the order amount can change. When the order amount changes and is saved in Shopify. We dont see it reflect on the deal within the ecommerce pipeline. 


If you click on the Deal, you will see the pop up show the original amount still and the order #. If you click view record and then hover over the amount under, About this Deal. You can select details. In details you will see that its showing that Shopify has sent back the new amount however, the actual deal doesnt show it. Meaning, we have to manually change the deal amount. 


1.) 7514689

2.) 2000343769


This time around, when I ran the test. I dont see the amount in the details any more.