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Shopify Deal Contact Sync

We are using the Hubspot integration with Shopify. We see the Shopify purchases in the Deal Pipeline with the Deal Stage/Close Date & Amount but the associated contact is not coming through for either new or existing Hubspot contacts (Except very occasionally but not sure why).

Not sure how to fix this - any help or insight would be appreciated.

(We are connected one way from Shopify to Hubspot)


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Community Manager
Community Manager

Shopify Deal Contact Sync

Hey, @LogicsL 👋 Shopify sync error messaging is always tough to decipher. From my time in support here at HubSpot, I know we have some internal tools to look for errors or other reasons Contacts are not syncing as expected. If you have access to support with your portal, filing a support ticket is the most direct path forward for you.


I am also happy to do a quick preliminary look and see if I can find the error and score an easy win for us. If that works for you, I'll need a few pieces of information which you can send to me via DM.

  • The HubID of the portal
  • The Shopify Store Name (helpful in case you have more than one 😉)
  • A specific order ID and the customer's listed email address. This needs to be an example where the deal synced, but the contact did not sync

Thank you! — Jaycee


Jaycee Lewis

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