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I'm really interested in setting up CRM Cards, which will really give my business and clients a boost, however, I'm not familiar with coding and I haven't been able to find developer classes to learn how to set up CRM Cards

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Hey @IronDesk 

Apologies for delayed reply here! 

Yes! The CRM Extensions are very powerful!  Before looking specifically at the HubSpot portion of this, I would recommend looking at getting a firm understanding of the underlying programming languages that you would need to leverage.

Treehouse offers some very good educational tracks that can prepare you to create an app. 

I have always been a fan of the Coding Train.  The guys is quirky which is my speed 😀 

This is a good playlist on data and apis. 

And if you need a good developer, there are plenty of them around here who can help you out!

On our Academy, we also have a good lesson on working with OAuth which I recommend

@prosa, @Gonzalo , @Bryantworks, @himanshurauthan   are all amazing HubSpot developers who can help guide you if you need additional assistance.

Good luck out there!



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