Sending params to event triggering via HTTP


I was wondering if there is a way to do something like passing extra info to an event triggering, making it available in the email body construction time, but not storing it as a contact property.

I will give you guys some background:

  • We trigger successfully events using the API, and this way, we are correctly enrolling contacts to workflows.
  • In almost all of our cases, the workflows we use, they send emails. Those emails usually contain information such as, which are easily accessed since they are properties of the contact itself.
  • There are certain cases, where the information we want the email to have, is not necessarily attached to contact’s properties. We do something that doesn’t look clean to me, which is, add not natural fields as contact properties, just for the sake of making them available at the time of email sending.
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Community Manager

Hi @fpvvitale

Events don’t store any data aside from when the event triggered, and which contact (if any) the event was associated with. It is possible to update contact properties with an event, by adding additional items to the identify call, but those properties aren’t directly associated with the event itself.

If you want to send more personalized emails, using custom properties that aren’t set for the contact, it would be possible to do that using the Single Send Email API included with the Transactional Email add-on.

Send Single Email | Single-send API Overview

POST /email/public/v1/singleEmail/send

Thanks for your help, that’s the answer I needed.