Sending email with link to chnage email preferences via API




When somebody opt out himself and trying to fulfilled once again form, he need to click the comment under the "email" field and email with link to change his communication prefrenece will be send to his mailbox .


I was wondering if there is a chance we could send such email via API?

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Hi @Mariusz,


I hope all is well with you 😄


Currently there isn't a way to send resubscribe email via an API. The resubscribe email will only be sent out when someone click on the 'Click here' to get an email and opt back in note, that will show on a form/pop up form to someone that has previously unsubscribed from all email subscription types. (Useful documentation: Manage your marketing email account settings)


That said, I do agree that having some flexiblity regarding contact's subscription would be helpful and so I'd recommend for you to give this idea post: HubSpot Community - Generate the URL for a specific contact to access an upvote and comment on it. Hopefully this will gather more interest and make an impact on our product development.