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Sending HubSpot blog posts as topics in Discourse



  We launched a community site for our members-only on the Discourse platform earlier this year (separate from our public-facing website). When we launched, we used an RSS plugin to send our HubSpot blogs over to a specific category in Discourse.


   Apparently, the RSS plugin was turned off because it was interfering with other functionality on the Discourse site (I was not here when this was all configured nor was I involved when the plugin was turned off).


     We are looking for a way to reconnect our HubSpot blogs to our Discourse site so each post is populated as a topic within a specific category. I found this resource on Discourse on how to get a JS embed code to add to our blog which appears to accomplish what we need: https://meta.discourse.org/t/embedding-discourse-comments-via-javascript/31963


      I have a few questions before I implement:

-  The Discourse resource makes it seem like this JS would have to be embedded on each blog post. Given that all our blogs are using the same template, could I not add the JS to the template in Design Manager to apply this universally?

-   If I apply the JS universally, is there a way to prevent blogs that were already posted to our Discourse site from being reposted? The previously used plugin was turned off in early September so I would only want to trigger blogs after the last one (Sept 6) through today and moving forward.

-  The Discourse resource makes it seem like with this embed code, if someone posts a comment on the Discourse topic those comments would show up on our HubSpot blog page. Since our Discourse site is locked to members only, I do not want to send the comments back to HS (nor do I want there to be a message saying it's not connecting). Our Discourse site and HubSpot blog site are on different subdomains of the same domain (community.xyplanningnetwork.com and blog.xyplanningnetwork.com respectively). Below is what the Discourse resource says in relation to this question - does this mean comments will not show nor will there be any message about not connecting?  


Embedding private comments.png


Thanks in advance for any insight,



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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Sending HubSpot blog posts as topics in Discourse

Hi @kdemars 


Thanks for linking these resources! Reviewing these resources now, it appears this is in relation to linking Discourse comments to an external page and not vice-versa as I understand you're trying to do. This is seen in the opening paragraph:

Discourse has the ability to embed the comments from a topic in a remote site using a Javascript API that creates an IFRAME.


From my understanding, you're attempting to link your HubSpot Blog posts to a Discourse site by populating them within specific categories or topic as per the documentation. In reviewing the documentation, this appears to simply provide the ability to embed your Discourse comments threads to your external posts and have those comments relate to a topic within Discourse. 


You mention that there is a use of a plugin which was used to post your content to Discourse, I am unfamiliar with any plugins that provide such functionality and so cannot comment on this and the possibility to exclude historical posts from being sent to Discourse.


To touch on the domain reference, yes, as per the documentation, the comments for a closed or private instance will only display for users who are logged into a Discourse session.


My overall recommendation would be to reach out to Discourse directly to get an understanding how this setup will work with HubSpot as I do not have a full understanding of this functionality myself and, the documentation provided to me does not provide clear evidence that this will achieve the desired affect. 


Let me know if you have any questions.

Product Manager @ HubSpot