Segment Group Calls to create and update Custom Company Properties

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Hey guys, we have been using to create and update contact properties without no bigger issues, but for group calls we are struggling a little bit. We are not being able to find a logic way to apply the identify > group > track in the user standard behavior in our product, to send it to Segment. Does anyone have previous experience with that?

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Hi, @JDobbin.


To clarify, are you looking to use a batch API like Update a group of companies to create and update custom company properties, or are you referring to manipulating a property group like the Update a company property group endpoint allows?


Also, when you say that you are not able to find a logical way to apply the 
"identify > group > track" in your product, are you referring to the identify and trackPageView JavaScript methods? If so, what are you looking to do with the "group" step?

Isaac Takushi

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