Scopes error with invalid link


Our API recently received an error at /properties/v1/contacts/properties


"message"=>"This app hasn't been granted all required scopes to make this call. Read more about required scopes here:",
"message"=>"One or more of the following scopes are required.",
"requiredScopes"=>["contacts", "tickets", "e-commerce"]

First: the link mentioned in the error message is invalid. If I follow it, I get a 404 error.


Second: Is this error really meant for the developer? Is there something misconfigured on our part? This really looks like an error that we should be passing along to the user, so that their HubSpot admin can update the permissions for that user.

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Community Manager

hey @Joe_list 

Thank you for bringing that 404 to our attention. Working on setting up a redirect now. 

In the interim, here is a link that it should go to


As for the second question, yes, that’s intended for the developer, it means that you’re making a request to an API for which you don’t have the proper scopes. A HubSpot admin updating a user’s permissions won’t add scopes to your OAuth tokens


Again, thanks for the notification!





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hi @dennisedson


Thank you for your response. We use oauth tokens for authentication because our app is for external users. When we send the user to HubSpot for authorization, the scopes we request are `contacts` and `timeline`.


Is there some reason this endpoint would suddenly also require `tickets` and `e-commerce`?


For right now, this seems to be a one-time-only occurrence. It just seems to be an odd error to get when we haven't gotten scopes errors like this before.