SSO to KB via our own SaaS product for customers


Hope you can give me some advice to let us know how to do this.

We have a knowledge base in hubspot which has a number of user guides and help articles for our customers on how to use our SaaS product. 

We want to surface this knowledge base in our product so they have access to it right there and then. 

We also want to make sure that all the articles are protected and not available to the general public to browse without logging in.

The key part is that when the KB is in our product, which the customer has already logged into, we don't want them to login again. But, want to be able to identify this customer and what articles they are browsing. (Essentially if email address used to login to our platform matches an email address on a contact in hubspot, we can see analytics on them and also they can access the articles.)

Hopefully that makes sense?
How can we achieve the above?

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HubSpot Employee

Hi @jamescooke,


Sincere apologies for the delayed response. 


Currently, it is not possible to set knowledge based articles created in HubSpot as private i.e. password protect a page. That said, I do believe that having a way to set knowledge based article as private is part of our product roadmap and is currently in private beta - I'd recommend for you to subscribe to this product updates so that when there's new product roll out, you would be notified. 


Hi @WendyGoh 


Thank you for your response. I think I may not have explained what we are looking to achieve well enough though.


We currently are a beta site for the password protection, and we have restricted KB articles. The extension I want to achieve is to have these password protected pages to surface inside our own products configuration portal (dedicated 'help' section in the application)
And for the access to this be based on their login to our product which we can pass across to hubspot - achieve a single sign on experience. 


So basically, for my articles to not be available publically, but after the user logs into our SaaS software, when they click help, will view the knowledge base without having to login to this page.


Hopefully that is clearer on what I'd like to achieve?


Hi @jamescooke 

We're looking for something similar.


After some digging, I found a similar request here: which shows that it's in planning